Blacks, tech, technology, diversity, Silicon Valley, startup

a celebration of Blacks in technology

Blacks, tech, technology, diversity, Silicon Valley, startup

Thank you for visiting the site! I'm Kim Hess, cultural anthropologist, former tech worker, and founder of

During my time working in the San Francisco offices of Autodesk, Adobe, and Cruise Automation, I found myself more often than not the only Black person in the room and asking myself "Why?" Why am I the only Black person on my team or at this meeting...or on the entire floor? This question led me to the ethnographic research of questioning the effects of tech on Black people in the workplace as well as culturally. Now, instead of asking "why," I'm asking "why not?" This reminds me of the Marianne Williamson quote in which she asks " 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?" Why not celebrate the brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulousness of Blacks in tech?

Blacks, tech, technology, diversity, Silicon Valley, startup

Documentary Vision:
I Shine, You Shine: A Celebration of Blacks in Tech, is a documentary film currently being filmed, to support, encourage, and celebrate Black people of all ages and facets of technology. Though Black employees make up less than 4% of Silicon Valley tech companies workforce, this film explores the joy, hope, and inspiration of everyone who believes in inclusion and that tech is a place for all.

Partners & Clients (most recent list):

  • Black Girls Code

  • International Honors Programs

  • The Justice Collective

  • Black Can Crack Health & Wellness Workshops

  • Pneumos


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